low carb dieting begins with being hydrated

Healthy Beverages: It Start's with Water!

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In the coming weeks, we'll present a series of articles on the types of beverages we should consider - as we work towards a healthier lifestyle - and which beverages we should avoid.

Today, we start our discussion of healthy beverages with the most basic, most fundamental of them all - Water - God's First Gift to Humankind! It is the purest and most essential ingredient to live a healthy life!

Drinking water (as boring and mundane as it might seem) is quite literally the most indispensable and crucial element of life. In fact, a human being can only survive roughly 3 days without it.

In my clinical experience, using advanced body composition analysis on hundreds of patients, I have seen without a doubt, most people are dehydrated. This problem is compounded in the warmer months when we perspire more. Additionally, I have found that those with higher body fat percentages are more dehydrated on a chronic basis than those with normal fat composition.

Interestingly, people who are dehydrated tend to report being hungrier throughout the day. The part of our brain that tells us we are hungry is the same area that tells us we are thirsty. So for many people wishing to lose weight, we have found that a focus on being adequately hydrated can be at least a partial remedy to excessive hunger and cravings.

So, how much is enough? While the amount differed widely for everyone (depending on age, physical activity, etc...), the general consensus is that women should drink on average 11 cups of water per day, while a man needs approximately 15 cups of water. That translates to about 2.5 liters and 3.5 liters, respectively.

Are you drinking that much water? If not, I'd encourage you to work towards that goal. Some tips that might help include adding a lemon wedge or lemon juice to a glass of water or consider something fun like using an infuser to give added flavor to that water.

In the coming weeks, we'll explore other beverages, including alcohol, coffee and tea, sports drinks, energy drinks, and the use of artificial flavoring. Be sure to like our Facebook and Instagram pages where you will be able to find these articles along with other fun messages and product discounts at lowcarbexpress.com