About Us

With years of experience as a P.A. in rural primary care, I was becoming increasingly concerned about a trend that I was witnessing. The number of people I was seeing with conditions of: high blood pressure, early diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, arthritis of the hips and knees and numerous other conditions was becoming almost common-place. Often-times, these conditions are related to a person being overweight or obese.

I knew the best treatment for these conditions was ‘lifestyle change’ but in a typical family practice clinic – it is difficult to adequately address these issues.  Instead, primary care providers are quick to prescribe medications, and just skip over the ‘life-style’ step.

So, in 2004, myself and a couple of visionary medical doctors (M.D.’s) decided to establish a clinic, where ‘lifestyle intervention’ is the primary focus.  Because of our medical background, it was (and remains) very important that we follow ‘evidence-based’ approaches to weight loss and behavior change.

There is so much “quackery” in the weight-loss world, and we just wanted to help people cut through that and feel confident about receiving useful information that has been proven to be safe and effective.

Our clinics have now become widely popular and have helped well over 1,000 people achieve a healthier lifestyle and enjoy increased energy, improved self-confidence and simply a higher quality of life. We like to say that our patients finally know what it means to be “Fully Alive”.

Now, with the advent of technology, we can offer you an evidence-based (safe and effective) approach to consider for your own journey.

I invite you to join our community of friends and colleagues as we navigate the minefields in life and develop a path toward a perfect balance of health and happiness.

- Greg Lindholm, PA, MPH

This is what LowCarb Express offers you:

  • Carefully chosen products proven to aid in the transition to a healthier life
  • World Class Customer support
  • Health coaching / personal accountability
  • Evidence-based information to guide you in your decision making